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Exclusive appointments in a confidential atmosphere for self-pay patients

Psychotherapy may be open with joy and also playful. This includes intensive quiet conversations in which I listen to you and work out new patterns of thinking and acting with you, just as we work through communication patterns or train new behavior.
You can act out future projections, work on dreams, we can talk about your fears, hopes, worries, relationships and other issues that concern you.
I am also available to help you in crises.

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Robert Paul Kasper
Master of Sience Psychotherapie
Privatpraxis für Psychotherapie

If you have high expectations and want to be treated courteously, exclusively and competently, you are right with me. Treat yourself as a self-payer to trustworthy and competent support from an experienced therapist and consultant with the highest comfort without waiting times.
– Exclusive, absolutely discreet appointments.
– I accept a maximum of two clients per day and give you my undivided attention.
– I do not forward diagnoses or content to health insurance companies and other institutions or individuals.
– If desired, I will coordinate psychotherapy with an experienced medical professional who uses holistic, gentle and effective alternative healing methods in addition to conventional medicine, or I can arrange inpatient support for you if desired.
Let us decide together, after a non-binding initial consultation, whether you would like to take advantage of counseling or psychotherapy. In a consultation we can take effective therapeutic steps.
I am a member of the following professional associations:

Deutscher Fachverband für Psychodrama

Österreichischen Arbeitskreis für Gruppentherapie und Gruppendynamik

Arbeitsgemeinschaft humanistische Psychotherapie

European Association of Psychotherapy