Young Entrepreneurs & Start UP

Gute Unternehmensführung ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg

Young Entrepreneurs & Start UP

Young entrepreneurs are faced with very specific challenges. In all areas of business, requirements are constantly changing. Our trainings for young entrepreneurs provide a framework for reflection and help realize the full development potential for you and your business.

Defining challenges of today’s young entrepreneurs:
The traditional fields of business and work are in a state of upheaval, creating opportunities as well as problems.
Preparation by traditional educational institutions is often insufficient to prepare for the complexity of actual management tasks.
Bureaucratic and structural hurdles in a highly variable environment require flexibility at all management levels.
Highly qualified employees place high demands on management. Creating a motivating, supportive work environment is a leadership task.

In the training for young entrepreneurs, the following aspects, among others, are elaborated:
The specific challenges in your company and your environment are critically reflected.
You learn to sort, structure and weight the essential challenges. In this way, you establish an efficient evaluation pattern. The solutions for the problem situations are usually already inherent in the right questions. You learn to ask the right questions. Your personal behaviors are critically analyzed and optimized for existing and upcoming leadership tasks.
By developing a high degree of self-control, you will be sustainably prepared for the leadership role and the essential leadership tasks.

Using knowledge from the psychology of action, group dynamics and organizational development, the structures and processes in your business environment are examined.
You will learn to lead employees through social processes and organizational processes. Your company will become attractive for top qualified employees if you appear as a competent leader.
We advise you in your development process as a young entrepreneur in your industry. This is done through workshops, trainings or individual consultations in an organizational framework agreed with you.

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