Enterprise Intelligence

Gute Unternehmensführung ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg

Good corporate management needs intelligent forms of data collection and processing

Enterprise Intelligence

The classical methods of empirical social research and data management provide a set of facts for corporate intelligence (business intelligence).
We verify and complement these with essential methods of business intelligence. This helps you make better decisions and avoid classic mistakes in corporate management.

Sociometry with network diagnostics (used, for example, in stakeholder management).
■ Action diagnostics (used, for example, in leadership and personality diagnostics)
■ Future projections (finds application, for example, in personal life design and in the development of corporate strategies)
■ Sociodrama (e.g., in market analysis)
■ Depth psychological analyses (of stakeholders such as customers, employees, colleagues, oneself, etc.)
■ etc.

Through these methods you will gain a much deeper understanding of the mechanisms of action to achieve your strategic goals

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