Competence Management

Gute Unternehmensführung ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg

Competence Management

Managers and employees need competencies to master individual and corporate challenges.

Competencies are:
– a basic prerequisite for mastering your immediate, daily tasks and achieving your strategic goals.
– Dispositions that enable people to achieve their goals in the interests of their company on their own responsibility, even in difficult situations.
– Motivational.

Competency Management:
-Is the systematic handling of competencies in companies.
-Is a management task and a prerequisite for long-term success.
-strengthens your entire company and creates competitive advantages.
-by connecting all actors in your company, enables you to develop a self-learning organization in which employees act in a self-responsible and competent manner.
ensures that employees contribute to the company in a more motivated, creative and flexible way.
-is an effective management tool that contributes to reliability and transparency in management and provides orientation for all those involved.
-lives in a clearly structured structure and from the processing of critical situations on individual, departmental and organizational levels.
-uses “mistakes” as opportunities to work out improvements that strengthen employees and leadership alike.
-moves at the interface with strategic management and is essential for good personnel development.

Competence management can be introduced on its own, or established as part of measures within the framework of a structural design of corporate management or human resources development.
We advise you to establish a competence management in your company, to check it and to make it sustainable.
This is done through workshops, trainings and individual consultations within an organizational framework agreed upon with you.

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