Action Conferences

Gute Unternehmensführung ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg

Good action conferences with the right format mix contribute to successful corporate management

Action Conferences

We design events using contemporary methods.
Although lectures and panel discussions are suitable in some cases, there are a variety of formats for holding events. We have a number of appropriate formats for today’s networked workplace.

The events should document that the organizers not only know something about the topics in terms of content, but also use the form of the event to help activate participants while also engaging them in practical application.
Activating methods include workshops, living books, open space, participation theater, creatively enlivening spaces, results moderation. These and a number of other methods and concepts, which can also be combined depending on the assignment, increase participants’ self-responsibility and knowledge gain, among other things because they use the knowledge and creativity of all participants. If you want to promote digitization, new ways of working and agility, you definitely need to move away from frontal events and lectures.

As a credible organizer, you document in your way of working during the event that they have mastered what you demand in practice themselves.
Even if there is applause, the people and showing our investigations always sense whether the organizers are meaningful, authentic and coherent. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

We design your event topic-centered, interactive and in the appropriate combination of formats. This is how you design effective and activating conferences that make a verifiable contribution to the respective goal. We call this an action conferences.

With our support, take the opportunity to be perceived as an authentic, competent and meaningful corporate leader. At the same time, increase the self-responsibility and performance of the executives and employees participating in your events.

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