Strategy Consulting

Gute Unternehmensführung ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg

Why strategy consulting?

Strategy consulting ensures your company’s success. We develop your strategy with you. With the ABAEUS strategy process we ensure that you and your employees implement your plans and achieve your goals. With our strategy consulting you achieve a maximum of self-responsibility and motivation. Your organization will become self-learning and your customers and business partners will be more satisfied. The ABAEUS strategy model supports you in this process.

Can strategic thinking and action be learned?

Yes, strategic thinking and action can be learned. That’s why we also train you and your managers in strategic thinking and action.

Is the strategy process a means of corporate management?

The more coordinated and clear you are with your own strategy, the more certain you can be that it is not only the right strategy for your company on paper and vis-à-vis committees, but that it demands the right thing from your managers and employees, strengthens motivation, leads to the achievement of goals and actually withstands attacks.

We offer three forms of
strategy consulting:

Strategy process

We support you in ensuring that your strategy is lived and that you achieve your goals.

Development of a strategy

We work with you to develop the right strategy for you.

Strategy test

We review your existing strategy and strategy processes and adjust both as needed.

How the ABAEUS strategy process works:

The core processes of leadership are stabilized and innovation processes are activated. Immediate strengthening of the ability to cooperate and interdisciplinary working takes place. By using innovative methods of product, service and personnel development, the strategy process releases the existing potentials. Your company becomes more agile. This leads to synchronicity via self-reinforcing processes and decisively strengthens your performance compared to your competitors. Your collaboration becomes more effective, your service delivery and your products more future-proof.

While developing, testing and realizing your corporate strategy, you simultaneously strengthen the competence to think and act strategically.
Through the strategic process, you unleash creativity for innovation, improve innovation in your core business and strengthen your corporate culture. Both impulses fuel each other, have a stabilizing and changing effect at the same time. At the same time, the structural and process organization is aligned with the company’s success. The clear structures and processes of the ABAEUS strategy model free up resources for your investments and increase your effectiveness and efficiency.
With further measures, which are carried out appropriately with a targeted change of format, you learn strategic work at the highest level in a playful and enjoyable way and strengthen agility based on the ABAEUS Management-Due-Diligence.

Our strategy consulting process:
In an initial discussion with the company’s management, the steps, timeframe and methods are agreed:
The strategy and the existing strategy management are recorded and reviewed with the company management.
With the method of
– Action Diagnostics – (a procedure that puts you in the driver’s seat from the beginning and allows you to assess the actors and actions in real time) and the use of.
– Future projections (a strategy consulting procedure developed by us), both the major obstacles and the existing challenges to your goal achievement are captured.
The problems, conflicts and situations will be sorted. You will become better and better at translating complex problem situations into simple, workable sub-steps and increasingly more adept and faster at strategy work.
Following the first work session, we develop recommendations for action and agree on how to proceed.
You receive a strategy program tailored to your needs.
You remain or become independent of strategy consultants and will sustainably reduce costs for innovation and strategy processes.
We treat your considerations confidentially from the first moment we meet. If you want to think and act strategically even more successfully and with pleasure and up-to-date, scientifically based knowledge and skills.

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