Executive Search

Gute Unternehmensführung ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg

Attract, find, retain, develop and accompany executives.

We have successfully implemented qualified personnel work in a wide variety of industries.

Our experience in strategy consulting, leadership development and personnel selection is at your disposal during the consulting process. Finding good executives is the result of good management and a networked sustainable leadership approach. With over approach you will always have more applicants than vacancies.

Attract executives
How we proceed:
We use targeted personnel marketing to ensure that your company has a pull effect on outstanding executives. Using sociometric methods, we utilize your potential in a stakeholder matrix and increase the number of qualified contacts to the best in your industry and beyond.

Find executives
How we proceed:
– Examination and, if necessary, creation of management-like instruments
– Creation of requirement profiles
– Development of the appropriate selection procedure
– Approach via suitable channels and targeted personal approach
– Sifting through the applications, pre-selection by us, preparation for the interviews
– Presentation of suitable candidates
– Support in the selection and final decision-making process
– Planning and design of induction and support
– If desired, planning and support or coaching during the first 100 days

Retain executives

How we proceed:
Through sustainable human resources work that fits exactly with all aspects of management, such as personal and instrumental leadership, we create an environment in which outstanding leaders feel comfortable and contribute effectively to the company’s success. We create a situation where everyone would like your leaders, but no one wants to leave you.

Develop executives
How we proceed:
We design and implement suitable executive development programs for companies. If you wish, we can design workshops and management events that are precisely tailored to the needs of board members, management and supervisory board members, as well as middle management.

Accompany executives
How we proceed:
We accompany executives in difficult situations, in development processes, in new challenges, in the management of conflicts, in induction and all other challenges, in the management of individuals, groups and organizations.

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