Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching

For whom executive coaching is suitable:
The executive coaching sessions are suitable for corporate executives such as board members, managing directors and owners for middle management and for families, public figures and private individuals.
Work on your issues with us in a trusting atmosphere, competent, appreciative and effective. Click above on the coaching suitable for you or read some more interesting sentences, why our coaching is so valuable for you, what you can expect and what we save you in any case.
We have been advising companies, corporations and private individuals since 1981. We have trained executives, trainers and coaches. Our leadership consulting has integrated classical psychology, business administration and individual therapeutic methods. These individual disciplines are becoming increasingly less important for management. In this fragmentation they belong to the past. With our proven executive coaching, you can use the entire spectrum of consulting approaches and our experience to your advantage.

What you can expect from executive coaching

Everything you discuss is confidential. We are not beholden to any party or other interest group. We provide independent advice and are committed solely to your interests. Executive coaching helps people in all situations in life.
We listen to you, understand your concerns and work with you in a trusting atmosphere, calm and focused on the crucial deep processes. This leads to a good way of dealing with yourself other people, your particular project and the management of your company. You will experience a practical, fast, uncomplicated executive coaching by working on your issues with playful ease in a concentrated, effective, fast and joyful way.

We look forward to meeting you, because we like and respect our customers. We rely on trust and successful cooperation with your employees, cooperation partners and other stakeholders. We are business people and entrepreneurs with psychological studies and additional qualifications and not people with an additional qualification without commercial expertise.
Your executive coaching will be tailored exactly to your needs and will take place within a manageable time frame. We take into account all essential commercial conditions and maintain your personal performance and that of your company. We stabilize before we change. We act strategically guided and operationally effective, master future projections and their realistic assessment.

We are competent and operate at the highest level

Our executive coaches have many years of experience and qualified training such as a business degree with a focus on corporate management and human resources, additional training in group psychotherapy, organizational development and individual therapy with at least 400 hours of self-experience and regular supervision and training.
Our executive coaches who coach at the corporate management level have also participated in several change processes at the corporate management level as consultants and have also successfully completed at least one full self-directed coaching session involving the adaptation of leadership processes.
We ensure for you that you are only consulted by people who can fully overview and assess the effect of the methods used on the psyche of the clients, their relevant environment, the respective project and the company.

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