Coaching for Middle Management

Gute Unternehmensführung ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg

Coaching for Middle Management

Executive coaching for middle management

Our executive coaching for middle management supports you as a leader in the relationship between leading and being led. Work through your issues with an independent, neutral consultant who will help you lead well in your situations. Accepting good help is a prerequisite for long-term success. Being able to tell a good one from a bad one is often the hardest part. I listen, understand, give you feedback and help. In this way, you work out suitable solutions that you can also apply. Employee management You are the first point of contact for your employees. It is your task to deal with their questions, problems, critical situations and conflicts in managing their tasks in projects and in achieving their goals. This work is important and contributes significantly to your own goal achievement. The more flexibly and appropriately you can respond to the problems of your employees without losing sight of the goals, the better your employee management will be. Learn: – which competencies you can still develop – how you want to deal with your own previously less successful behaviors and those of your employees in the future. Learn how to initiate change, work through it and ensure stability in the process.

Actively train employee management

In coaching you can work on your situations, problems and critical situations as well as your questions about leadership with me. Train your leadership issues actively. Test different possibilities and decide on good, effective approaches in your leadership. Practice new behaviors with future tests and many other methods. Take advantage of my years of experience in coaching managers at all levels and as a leader and managerial development manager. Discuss your issues with me personally in a confidential atmosphere and prepare yourself well for dealing with people and situations that are difficult for you. Among other things, you will achieve more self-responsibility, higher problem-solving competence, better time planning, motivation and efficiency of your employees. Stakeholder management As a manager, you are responsible to various people, institutions and groups. Your employees, other business people, groups and institutions as well as private challenges and individuals can strengthen or temporarily burden you. The requirements of the individual stakeholders can contradict each other. With an effective stakeholder management you keep the calm, the overview, strengthen your own position. You will learn how to actively use the contradictions for your success. This makes you more independent, more creative, more successful and more confident in negotiations in all situations. In my coaching for middle management you will strengthen your own forces and keep your stability even in turbulent times and get a lot of good practical help. Contact us for a non-binding initial consultation