Coaching for Corporate Management

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Coaching for Corporate Management

The new way of what  since more than 50 years is  called  Coaching is now VANGUARD MANAGEMENT SCOUTING . VMScouting  supports you in the personal and instrumental management of your business.

As the person  responsible for corporate management and thus for corporate culture, you face a special challenge. You are responsible for determining how work is done in your company. At the same time, you lead the employees who report directly to you and you lead your management and coordinate with owners, supervisory boards and other stakeholders.

The degree of involvement as well as the process of corporate management are in your hands. This also applies when you delegate responsibility to others. Viable assessments of the situations and the people involved in each of your business cases as well as a “wise use” of “leadership-like instruments” are the basis of good corporate management. This will lead you to a more  relaxed, elegant and successful solution of your current and future challenges. 

Contents and procedure of VMScouting :
In VMScouting you will master your personal and instrumental leadership challenges .
On topics of your own personal leadership behavior such as conflicts, employee leadership, the leadership of your managers, motivation, agility, etc. you can test new ways of personal leadership behavior and train more suitable and effective behavior. You can review the instrumental aspects of your corporate management and make adjustments for your entire organization as well as in the processes of your leadership behavior. Working on realtime cases representing  your challenges as if they were happing right now our Scouts will savely lead you through this surplus reality and help you to master your challenges. 
Since  “leadership-like instruments” that you have created  and your personal leadership style influence each other, we help you to  always keep an eye on both and master your challenges  in our  VMScouting process for Top Managers .

Specifics of VMScouting for Top managers
Your questions, problems,challanges projections and other situations are at the center of our joint work.
Your challenges are familiar to us and we know  that your case is very special. Therefore we open up a world for you that exactly represents your inner experiences and outher realities with your conscious and subconscious elements so you  can, beeing   guided,  enter  reflect and master your sucsess critical challenges. Using surplus realities such as future projektions and recreating major present and past events we give you the fullness of your reality at hand as if it would happen right now. By scouting you through this reality we guide you to master your challenges and at the same time build up strength and cometencies to master your presence and create the future. This can take place on an individdual basis or  with  your TMT or other units as well as on on organisational level.  We work with you on topics such as motivation, talent management, resilience, agile leadership, digitalization, strategic alignment, ambidexrerity, dealing with “difficult” people, networking and stakeholder management and above all, your questions and challenges. Based on rational business methods, we also apply the ethical, sociological, anthropological and psychological aspects of leadership and using the creativety of  psychodrama by working  for example with  dreams and Future Projektions to reempower humans  who will than  create new products and sevices or find new ideas and better ways to solve problems.

Methods and procedures in  VMScouting We know that no two situations or people are alike. Therefore, your particular situation has our fullest attention.
We listen patiently, understand your situation thoroughly work through your situation and give you qualified feedback. Depending on the topic, you will receive practical help and  support in managing your management processes. During the  VMScouting  process you will develop your specific corporate management and  leadership  style, which is suitable for you and your company. This happens for you simultaneously with the  mastering of your challenges. This procedure, which we have developed over decades, has been worked out step by step by us in many companies with high investments and is available for you today in the VMScouting  process. The knowledge we acquired in the companies in each case about the confidential aspects of corporate management is subject to confidentiality. The concepts and methods and our unique know how will be to your service.
Thus, you can work freely and relaxed on your topics.

Your investment in VMScouting:
Our fee is appropriate for the service offered to you as a Top manager .
Take advantage of our many years of experience and our future-oriented approach
contact us for a non-binding initial meeting to discuss your situation, your wishes  your goals your challanges or critical situations.
We will be happy to submit an offer that is suitable, understandable and predictible for you. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to meeting you.

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