Gute Unternehmensführung ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg

Good corporate management needs managers who regularly reflect on their management practices and leadership behaviour

Find the right coaching for you

Like top athletes, top performers in companies need the opportunity to reflect on their management practices and leadership behaviour.

Coaching for Corporate Management

Coaching for corporate management is suitable for CEOs, board chairmen, managing directors, owners, supervisory board members. For all those who bear the responsibility for corporate management.

Coaching for Middle Management

Coaching for middle management is suitable for all managers who operate in the area of tension between leading and being led.

Executive Coaching

The executive coaching sessions are suitable for corporate executives such as board members, managing directors and owners for middle management and for families, public figures and private individuals.

Why Coaching?

In today’s working environment, interrelationships are becoming more complex at all levels. Managers experience that employees are confronted with complex problems that require completely different cognitive coping strategies than just a few years ago. In coaching sessions, managers can critically review and purposefully improve the way they deal with themselves, their colleagues, employees, projects, their organization, strategies and leadership or management models, etc. These include:
– Learning the ability to translate difficult problem situations into simple tasks and to organize them.
– To lead your company (your managers) situationally aware and to create a positive, productive environment.
– Ideally utilize creative and critical potential at the leadership and employee levels.
– Create a contemporary management that simultaneously challenges and provides direction to creative, competent and motivated employees.
– In this way, you retain top performers in the long term and are immediately and perspectively attractive for qualified junior staff.
– You and your employees generate the creative potential that allows your company to grow and be successful.
– Recognizing and realizing the potential that lies within you and developing new possibilities for action.
– In coaching, basic processes and behaviors are worked out on your own situations. These can be applied in practice. We do not teach prefabricated concepts and then leave the participants to their own devices in the realization. You will be accompanied to the point where you develop better and more efficient leadership ideas yourself.

Coaching with us gives you access to decades of experience in business management and provides you with exactly the content and methods that will benefit you in your situation. For coaches, the field of psychotherapy is usually excluded from their activities. Due to our broad training background, we can also apply methods from the field of psychotherapy if this makes sense in terms of the consulting activity.

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