Gute Unternehmensführung ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg

ABAEUS Academy

Good corporate management needs qualified and competent employees

In the ABAEUS Academy you will find the training section, the training institute for future coaches, trainers and consultants, and the ABAEUS publishing house.
To apply to the training institute for future vanguard management scouts, send us your curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation.


The training courses give you the opportunity to shape your own behavior more effectively. You can expand competencies in key areas in a targeted manner.

Coach, trainer and consultant training

We train you to become a coach, trainer and/or consultant. We also offer an intense program in vanguard management scouting.

ABAEUS Publishing House

The ABAEUS-Publisher for social sience publishes, the series “Humanistische BWL” (Humanistic Business Studies), articles and books on corporate management and other relevant social science topics.