Gute Unternehmensführung ist der Schlüssel zum Erfolg


Management Consulting for Corporate Management

We stabilize and improve your core business and help you to create a working environment in which you can create the future. With strong personalities, we form a management group in which the individuals preserve their individuality and use it in a coordinated manner for the benefit of the company. In an uncomplicated way, we identify risks and opportunities in personal leadership and the instruments of corporate management and guide you through change and transformational processes.
An internationally stable and excellent network of consultants is at your disposal. This network includes experienced consultants at the peak of their careers, as well as young, well-trained and competent consultants and trainers. We work effectively, discreetly, and confidentially.

Our Team

Good corporate management is the key to success

Robert Paul Kasper

Chief Executive Officer and Top Management Consultant

Fabian Kasper

Member of the Management Board and Top Management Consultant

Hans Jürgen Dörrich

Civil Society Organizations

Tim Jungheim

Head of Sales


Apollo Abaeus (Ancient Greek: Ἀβαῖος)
is an epithet of the Greek god Apollo, derived from the city of Abae in Phocis, after which the academy famous for its advice was named.
Among others, Croesus and Mardonius sought advice.
ABAEUS was the first academy in antiquity and differed from soothsayers such as the Oracle of Delphi by providing qualified advice.

ABAEUS GmbH was founded in 2009 by Robert Kasper. He is the founder of humanistic business management.
Robert Kasper has been consulting companies since 1981 and has founded several companies. ABAEUS GmbH is a management consultancy for corporate management. Its mission is to help people to lead themselves, their companies or other organizations well. In corporate management, we support our clients in managing their direct reports and employees as well as in optimizing the instrumental side of management.
Our clients include leading financial service providers (stock exchanges, insurance companies, banks), universities, top health care associations, manufacturing companies, municipalities, politicians, board members, international artists, wealthy individuals.
In the ABAEUS Institute for Humanistic Social Sciences and Leadership, we train consultants and executives, support them in finding their professional goals, and offer a range of open trainings and seminars. The ABAEUS publishing house publishes, among other things, the series “Humanistic Business Administration” according to Robert Kasper.
ABAEUS GmbH is the only company licensed to use the work with future projection for strategic corporate management and personal development. Robert Kasper, as an internationally leading expert, has updated, re-established and future-proofed future projection in therapy and management consulting.